Footprints, How Many Have You Collected

Across the sands on any beach you can see footprints. In dry sand the impression of your foot is lightly sunk into the beach.  However it’s weight would be felt the same as when the sand is wet and your foot sinks.  Bringing that closer to topic, emotional baggage is somewhat like footprints.  Every feeling someone has left you with mostly is tied to a memory and can be recalled often by being in the same feeling while your thinking or drifting in your thoughts.  I say can be, it is a fact some people do not live life by memory.  I wouldn’t want to single out anyone so let me just clarify, your brain doesn’t care if you remember that feeling.  Part of your mind will absorb every emotional shockwave, every up and down feeling, assimilate it and sew it into the fibers of your being.

It will not matter your chosen emotional expression, it does not matter if you feel that you control your emotions.  If you are not facing them they are controlling themselves and dragging you along for the ride.  To face your emotions can be painful however think of all the joy you can put together as well.  It is the moments in life that shape us through our perception visually, mentally and through feeling.  If there are memories that are too ’emotional’ to go through, it means you have not accepted that emotion completely.  For particularly complex emotions it may become impossible to deal with in any short amount of time.  In my struggles I had many emotions that conflicted, my journey lasted well into my 36th year before I gained mastery of myself.

I think with age comes an overall maturity dealing with death.  It never really becomes acceptable and yet we all find our way into peace with it.  These are painful memories.  A lost love, a disappointment or feeling you have disappointed other’s.  There are times each of us face these emotions.  Show me the most put together successful person and they have mastered the ancient art of covering those wounds permanently.  Never once facing an emotion they didn’t accept willingly.  It was an uncomfortable, impossible task and it was never once successful even if it was on the outside.  There is a reason some people age faster than others.

Your emotions and the way you anchor them within yourself is monumental.  It begins with a solid foundation.  If enough negative emotions overtake the positive it can affect your health, your facade, your hygiene and your life.  Once your self confidence is shattered it will take time to rebuild.  When your overall image of yourself is shattered days becomes years in the healing process.  Let’s just say I have been through this and I survived.  I survived and escaped with the knowledge that could help other’s prevent it.   Positive affirmations were a start.  Massive soul searching and testing my boundaries was a consistent growth process.  Facing each memory and emotion until I gained peace was the longest and hardest process.  Not everyone is as good of a multi-tasker even if it is negative.  However everyone has personal blocks and many cause the majority of perceived and medication treated mental illnesses.  Not all of them, there are people who cannot survive without a medication.  At the same time there is a problem that every time someone is slightly different it is treated with a medicine.  For those that drink and depend on something to turn them on and set them loose, you too have a unique emotional past usually.

Once you rise to a point you have faced your emotions enough that you have a gentle mastery over them, you experience emotions on a different level.  They are easier to control and often less forgiving if you block them.  In fact the only person that will realize what is going on in the beginning is you.  It is very surrealistic at first it’s a fullness of feeling that is accepted as a clean memory.   The baggage is gone and should stay away.  I say should because the tools have to be used or you will lose them again.  You can of course gain control easier however if you close yourself off from an emotion even once it will reoccur eventually.  Eventually you test out your new state of mind and it becomes easier every day.  To have complete confidence, unwavering sentiment and increased ability.  It is invigorating to realize the person you really are if you shield yourself to the point of detriment.

Trust me when I tell anyone they can get through anything.  If someone had cut me open with razors and bathed me in salt they could not have put me through the torture I inevitably let into my life.  All because my emotions were off the hook, too much to handle and coming from 15 different directions as well as myself.   I spent much of my life in a twister of emotions.  I could not shut it off and it mastered me until I broke that stallion and gained control.   Emotional Mastery is not hard, freedom is what follows.   I did not say it is not painful.  I said it is not hard.   I contend there is a difference.

Everyone has a wound or two and if you ever want a perspective feel free to leave a comment.  Once again thank you for visiting My Friend Chris.  My name is Chris Collins have a good day.

“One thing you can’t hide – is when you’re crippled inside.”
― John Lennon


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